Fundamental Ways to Own Your Readers’ Brains through Your Sales Copy

Fundamental Ways to Own Your Readers’ Brains through Your Sales Copy

To be a persuasive copywriter is a dream almost every marketer desires. 

Many people see persuasive copywriting to be a daunting art to master. Indeed, it is. At the same time, though, almost every marketer wants to master it. This kind of copywriting has the ability not only to win customers but to get into people’s minds and influence them to do a particular action.

Knowing this potential, then how do you hack your way into your audience’s minds through copywriting? For starters, you must understand that your reader’s brain doesn’t always think rationally. Hence, you have to write in such a way that it corresponds to how their mind works.

Here are some tactics you may want to use to own your readers’ brains using your sales copy, as used by persuasive copywriters:

  1. Feed the mind with certainty.

According to studies, the brain often looks for irrational shortcuts to create certainty. The brain, in particular, the amygdalae, sees uncertainty as a threat. Just look at it this way: you are scared of the dark because you don’t know if someone’s lurking. 

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In the same manner, when your reader isn’t sure that your offer is worth spending on, they don’t feel inclined to invest. After all, they aren’t sure of the benefits they’ll get in return.

Rather than letting the brain do what it takes to eliminate the threat, i.e., by refusing your sales pitch, feed it with certainty. Offer simple solutions to the reader’s problems. Give a solution that’s specific and answers their concerns directly. The clarity in your proposed solution creates an air of security and makes your reader confident to spend time, money, and effort in you.

  1. The brain always wants to be shocked.

Another hack that you can use to get into your readers’ minds is the element of surprise. In essence, new experiences stimulate the brain and make it crave for more. As a copywriter, you may want to change the way you write –especially when you are talking about the same things in the same manner as others.

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It is crucial to show your readers something unique in your sales copy. Make it a point to stand out. Let your personality shine through your offer’s perks and features. This way, you captivate your audience’s attention each time you reach out to them.

  1. The brain finds security in belongingness.

We human beings are almost always faced with a common dilemma when working on our life paths –should we blend or stand out? While we say we want to stand out, we often end up blending in with the rest of the crowd. Don’t worry, this is normal.

It’s because the brain acts based on association. It wants to settle in this realm of belongingness. People thus decide based on shared commonalities from interests, beliefs, cultural backgrounds, and the people and brands they trust because they feel a sense of belongingness in these attributes.

You may want to write your sales pitch by showcasing your similarities with your readers. Invest in affinity. You not only reduce the risk of threat; your readers become more receptive to your pitch as well.


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